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$$ Keto on the Cheap $$

$$ Keto on the Cheap $$

A lot of people think that eating healthy means spending lots of money they don’t have on food they don’t love.  Then add in a specialized diet like Keto and some may even think that its impossible… well it ain’t!!  Here are some tips and ideas that have helped me to live within my budget, not get bored and remain Keto for life!

Buy in Bulk:  

Buying in bulk is pretty much always going to help save money.  I regularly check out the online circulars of my local grocery stores to see what chicken/turkey/beef/fish they have on sale that week.  Even if I don’t need it at that moment, if it’s a great price I will stock up and freeze it.

Almond Flour – a 3lb bag at Costco is about $13 where I am.  I haven’t found a better quality brand at a better price yet.  I love this stuff!!  I use almond flour for a lot of my baking.

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Coconut Flour:  tends to be a little bit cheaper than Almond Flour,  from what I have seen in stores.

Chicken/Turkey/Ground Beef:    I stock up on chicken breast and ground beef when it’s around $1.50-$2 a lb.  I portion it out into 1 lb per ziploc bag, so I know when I grab it out of the freezer how much I’m getting.

Frozen Veggies:  I hate when I buy fresh veggies and they go bad before I get to use them.  It’s such a waste of food and money, so on a budget I find getting frozen veggies really helps to reduce the waste.  I mostly try to get organic veggies, but sometimes my budget just doesn’t allow for it.  In that case, typically I go for store brand frozen veggies that are cheaper and just as good quality as name brand ones.  For organic veggies, Costco has some great frozen organic veggie choices (cauliflower rice, Broccoli, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts) and I try to stock up with them as often as I can.

Organic Salad Spring Mix:  On Keto, you should be eating a lot of greens!  The best deal I have found on this type of salad mix is Walmart’s Organic Brand- a 16 oz tub goes for about $3.80.  Compared to my local grocery stores, this is at least $2 cheaper.    https://grocery.walmart.com/ip/Marketside-Organic-Spring-Mix-16-oz/44391169

**TIP**  To keep salad mixes fresh in a bag or plastic tub, place a few pieces of clean paper towel inside the container.  This will help absorb any extra moisture and I find it helps the salad last a bit longer.  

Cheese/Cream/Butter/Eggs: I normally buy these at Walmart and I buy the generic store brands.  I have compared the prices to a local Aldi’s in my area and Walmart is cheaper on Cheese, Heavy Cream,Eggs and Butter.  However, that may vary from store to store and region to region.  If you are Strict Keto you will want to eat grass fed dairy as much as possible.  Grass Fed doesn’t fit into my budget, but I do what I can.

Shop Around:

You would be surprised what Keto Treasures you can find in some unexpected places.

I have seen lots of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt at TJ Maxx/ Marshalls/Homegoods, Ocean State Job Lots, Big Lots, Burlington Coat Factory and even some Dollar Stores.

Along with the Pink Salt, I have seen different Keto friendly flours (coconut/almond), Keto protein powders, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, collagen powders, sugar free coffee syrups, avocado oil, olive oil, low carb pastas & much more.  Their stock is always changing so if you find something, stock up on it, because it will NOT be there when you go back.

What’s the deal with the Pink Himalayan Salt?  It contains a bunch of trace minerals and adding this salt on a Keto diet can be beneficial.  Salt, potassium, magnesium, and calcium are some of the most important electrolytes.  It’s important that you are getting enough of them and drinking enough fluids.  A lot of people think the Keto Flu is only possible at the beginning, but your electrolytes being off can happen anytime.  So listen to your body.

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